Thank you very much for your patronage!  Please Submit the Form Below or Email us After Fully Reading this page.

We Do Not Use TNA Board for verification. We DO NOT ANSWER ANY NEW NUMBERS.  If you prefer sending an email rather than submitting the form below please email all the info requested on the form to (  Initial verification which is the First Step of our Screening, may take as short as 2 hours but may take up to several days so thank you in advance for your patience!  Please look out for our approval note via Email!  Do not contact us before you get an approval notification.  If You do Not receive an approval email from us within 5 days that means we can not approve you at this time.  


All 2 steps of our screening process must be completed before an appointment without any exceptions.

First step : Verification via at least 1 method below, which is spelled out as an initial verification method on the Form  

1. At least 2 Escort/provider reference verifications.  References have to be currently working and reviewed professionals.

2. Employment verification by emailing us from a company email, not a personal email address such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., with a 'LinkedIn' profile.  If using this method, an email may be sent to a different discreet email address which may be obtained by submitting the below form or just requesting an email address via email or text.  We never send any messages to company emails.

3. Apparent Instant google match with your name: if you do not have a company email address but your identity can very easily be established by having a website with a listed cell phone number, email address and a picture, and or, "LinkedIn" profile, we may approve you for the First Step.  Please submit the form with a note or email us.

Second step: ID check before entering our premises

After the First Step which is an initial verification, all new clients must bring at least 2 different forms of IDs.  One needs to be an official photo ID such as a Drivers License, Passport, State ID.  Additional one may be a bank card, business card, credit card, work badge or work ID.  IDs will be checked at the entrance and will be returned to the Client right away before entering the premises, we do not make copies nor keep copies.

* Clients' Privacy and Safety Guarantee

Privacy and Discretion of our Patrons are very important to us.  After the first appointment we, will Delete All Screening information including work emails.  And all Screening Forms get automatically deleted from our system 7 days after the submission, regardless of approval status.  For future easy appointment set up, we will only save the first name and or, alias/nickname the client prefers, cell number he would contact us from, and ethnicity or age group in case of the possible phone number change.

* To ensure quality service is to ensure comfort and safety for all involved so we may not contact you with an approval.  Thank you very much for respecting our discretion.

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